What to do when you lose your dog?

You have lost your dog? It's a moment of sadness, panic, anxiety and probably the nightmare of every dog owner. But, you must take emergency measures, if you want to find your friend the dog. Here are some immediate steps you can take to maximize your chances of finding your pet.

Search from the location of the disappearance

The dog is the best pet there is. For more details, visit to find your dog as soon as possible. If your puppy is missing from your home, it's likely that it's not too far away. If the dog is lost in the immediate vicinity, take at least 15 to 30 minutes to call and whistle for him or her; try to remain cheerful while doing so. When walking around the neighborhood, stop and listen; pay special attention to garages where the dog may be trapped or imprisoned. If the dog is missing during a walk, call and whistle. If the walk is a regular one, go back to places he loves, such as the park café or even the pond. Some dogs are very good at finding their way back to the car, so turn around.

Pass on information to certain people

After exploring all the potential locations, if you still can't find your small dog, it's a good idea to let a few people know that the dog is missing. Call local animal rescue organizations and shelters in case your dog has been found; perhaps a helpful person has dropped him off. Is your dog's microchip activated? If the answer is yes, you should immediately contact the microchip company to report your dog as lost. Also notify all veterinary centers, local shelters, insurance companies if your dog is insured, your neighbors and even the pound, city hall or police with an accurate description of your dog and its identification number.