Visitax: what do you need to know about this new tourist tax?

In order to maintain and make more attractive its tourist heritage, each country implements a financial policy towards tourists. In April 2012, the Mexican state of Quintana Roo introduced a new tax for all tourist visitors. Named Visitax, this tax is required for all tourists over 4 years old. For more information, find out in the following details all about the new Mexican tourist tax.

A mandatory tax for tourists in Quintana Roo

Visitax, a tax recently imposed by the Mexican state of Quitana Roo, is a must for you when you plan a tourist tour in this state. Indeed, the news reforms aimed at reviving the tourism sector in the Caribbean of Mexico require this tax. The Quitana Roo tax authority collects this tax from all international tourists of at least 4 years of age in order to finance the redevelopment activities in this sector. 

A tax to be paid without difficulty

There are several opportunities for you to pay your tourist tax. Tourists are allowed to pay visitax before their trip, either at the airport or on their way home. When you are ready to pay this tax, you will first need to fill in the online form which will ask everything about your identity. Then you pay (by credit card or PayPal account) on a secure page, before finally receiving your payment. After about ten minutes you will receive a confirmation of payment and the QR code on your e-mail address.

A tax valid for a 6-month stay

Once you have taken the necessary steps and obtained visitax, it is valid for your entire stay in Quitana-Roo. For your 180 days, visitax is available to serve you in your visits and travel. However, if you wish to exceed the time required for your stay, you will have to renew this tax which is essential for all tourists.

Finally, it is important to note that visitax is compulsory for those who travel only for tourism purposes. And, it is more beneficial for all tourists visiting Quitana Roo to pay their visitaxe in advance. This will allow them to avoid queuing at the airport and carelessly missing the flight.