Starting a business in Hong Kong: the steps to follow

The business climate in Hong Kong is very favourable. This is why many investors have companies in this region. You can start a business by setting up a company in this administrative region. Read on to discover the essential steps to follow.

Choosing the legal status, the first crucial step

Even if the creation of a company in Hong Kong is not complex, it is always advisable to be accompanied by a professional. Click on Primasia  if you really want help. As far as the choice of legal structure is concerned, there are two possibilities. You can opt for a company limited by guarantee or a company limited by shares.

The registration of the company name immediately follows the choice of legal status. To do this, certain rules must be observed. The name must be unique and original. That is, it must be different from the other names that appear in the Hong Kong Companies Registry. In addition, the name must respect intellectual property rights. Otherwise you risk criminal and civil penalties. To avoid all this, you should consult the Trademark Registry.

Acquiring the certificate of incorporation, certain licences and permits

In order to obtain a certificate of incorporation, you must apply to the registration office. In order to obtain this certificate quickly, the application must be submitted electronically. After one hour, the application will be returned to you. But if you apply on paper, it takes 4 days to get the certificate. 

On the other hand, you will not be able to operate freely in all the sectors that interest you. Some activities require licences. In this case, you should contact the Department of Trade and Industry. This will tell you more about the regulations governing trade in this administrative region of China.

However, it is quite normal for your company to have a bank account. For this purpose, you should go to a bank of your choice to set up such an account.