Security Intel Reveals Forthcoming Plans to Destroy Capitol Hill

The United States and many other parts of the world were alarmed at the incident that happened on January 6, 2021. It was a moment that mobs besieged the democratic seat of the United States lawmakers – Capitol Hill; destroyed and interrupted the constitutional duties of the lawmakers.

Well, new Intel gathered suggests that this is not the last of such if prompt actions are not carried out by security agencies.

Will Capitol Hill ever be Safe for Lawmakers?

The new Intel gathered from some credible security agencies claims that a militia group is planning an act of internal terrorism by blowing up Capitol Hill.

No particular group has been apprehended and called out as suspects for the time being. However, many people are suspecting groups like the Proud Boys considering their leftist views and previous violent approach to handling issues.

For instance, the leader of the controversial group was arrested for storming a place, getting a “black lives matter” banner, and burning it days before the insurrection took place.

Intel revealed that the plan was to blow up the building one of the times the president will be addressing the lawmakers.

Dealing with the Situation

The senate and security agents are not relenting in their bid to get to the bottom of this. This is considering that investigations have been ongoing about the events of January 6, 2021, and what went wrong. This is in addition to a senate hearing on the matter.

Additionally, the National Guard and more human and financial resources have been channeled to protecting this historic democratic seat.

Several senators that were interviewed explained that they believe the situation is well under control. However, one lawmaker was reported to have questioned the competence of Capitol Hill’s Police Acting Superintendent.

This is especially given how the acting superintendent objected to the idea of giving press briefings on real-time developments on the previous and forthcoming.