RSS feeds: everything you need to know

Behind this term, there is a practical and simple tool to distribute content and, at the other end of the chain, to keep up to date with the updates of your favorite sites. An RSS feed is a particular file format whose content is automatically produced according to the updates of a website. You will find on this article, some information about this type of feed.

What is an RSS feed ?

Technically, an RSS feed is nothing more than an XML file, composed of tags framing the content. However, an RSS feed is a Web resource whose content is generally produced automatically, according to the updates of a Web site. So why not find out more about it? Indeed, RSS feeds are often used by news sites and blogs to present headlines of the latest news available online. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a quick and easy way to find out about the latest changes to a website or blog. 

Thanks to this format, you no longer need to consult your favorite sites separately to be informed of their news. All you have to do is insert their RSS feed into a compatible software to have all the information on a single screen. Remember that the choice to integrate an RSS feed, to a website or a blog, is taken by the webmaster or the owner of the website. If he makes this choice, he integrates the feed into the code of his own web page with the help of applications or extensions allowing the management of RSS feeds. 

Therefore, the integration of the RSS feed requires either knowledge of computer language (PHP, JAVA, HTML, XML), or the integration of a predefined script on the site.

What is the purpose of an RSS feed?

Most of the time, the presence of an RSS feed is indicated by a small icon, usually with an orange background and the text XML or RSS written in white. It is a simple and practical way to be constantly alerted on an interesting news area. In general, the feeds are updated automatically and continuously, without you having to log on to your favorite news sites. 

The RSS allows you in this sense, to subscribe, thus gathering the feeds of all the websites to which you are subscribed in a unique reader. Thus, you will receive in real time the information from all these sources in one place. No need to visit each site, wait for pages to load, reach the sections. Once subscribed, you will receive a regular list of article titles sent to your RSS reader. It usually shows article titles associated with hyperlinks and sometimes summaries of website pages.