Installation of an above ground swimming pool : how to proceed ?

Do you want to have a swimming pool at home but you don’t know which option you choose ?  It is that the construction of a swimming pool is a project of great investment and which also requires a great space.  But with the progress of this sector, alternatives have been found to make your job easier.  This is the above ground pool.  This type of pool is mobile, and you can take it with you on the go.  Here is a detailed article on the process of its installation.


Site preparation

The first thing to do if you want to make an above ground swimming pool in your design is to prepare the ground.  For more information, visite site.  This location must be spacious, sunny and close to your home. It must be solid and of course without roots or stones.  Reason why you must take into consideration the nature of your space.  Do not choose sandy or clayey soils at the risk of seeing your pool sink.  To avoid all the disturbances linked to the instability of the ground, it is recommended to make a concrete slab which will be the pledge of the equipment.


The realization and hardening of the base

Whether it’s a concrete slab pad or something else, you should seriously invest in its construction.  Because a bad base could have serious disadvantages for your more yard pool. This is why it is always advisable to make the drawing of your base before you start.  To achieve this, put a metal rod in the center of the field then define a radius according to the dimension you want.  However, there must be a radius of 30 cm in addition to that of your pool.  Mark off your land and clear the area to use.  With a spade, turn the soil over and level it.  Put a layer of sand on it and make it smooth with a vibrating plate. Regarding concrete paving, you can ask for the services of specialists for a flawless job.


Group pool parts

To avoid inconvenience, it would be ideal to group the pool accessories together before assembly.  This is a step that allows you to take stock of the parts.  This will allow you to see if parts are missing or not.  After that you start with the assembly of your swimming pool with a lot of care.  You start installing the walls without forgetting to put the interior grooves first.  You must remove all sharp objects so as not to damage your canvas.  For the bottom of your installation, you must avoid any folds.  After all this, you can fill your pool taking into account its capacity in liters of water.  To go faster, you can use a hose.