How to win at aviator?

First you are probably wondering what is Aviator. Aviator is a money game working as a slot machine since the year 2019. It's still a new game that many people don't know about, but it offers a lot of money-making opportunities. You are probably wondering how to win on this game. Follow the answer in this article.

The speed

Aviator is a game that you can find on apps like 1win or even aviator apps. This game works like 1xbet crash games so you can aviator earn money. So to begin with, you bet your money that you have planned, and you follow the evolution of the coast that evolves in an increasing way. So you have to be very careful and at the same time very quick to stop your bet once you reach the desired level. It's a race against time and usually in these situations, the fastest one wins.


Patience is a golden way, they say. This game has many more risks than many people realize. You can see the hill climb up to x30 at first and a second later it won't even take off from 1. So be patient, once the hill has reached a high level, you can't expect it to hit that peak a second time in the same time. After a given number of small hills, you will have a number of large hills at the same time.

Risk minimization

The more you minimize the risk, the more likely you are to win. In this game, you should not expect high odds all the time. So multiply your small wins instead of trying to win big. Imagine that all your bets are concentrated on the odds of 1.5 or 2, the probability that the odds will rise to that point is very high and so you can win a lot repeatedly.