How to travel safely?

Tourism is the movement of a person from his country or place to others that he usually visits. It is carried out during a determined period and normally does not exceed one year. It is done for leisure, health, business or other reasons. A person who is in tourism is called in the host country or place tourist, visitor, excursionist.

Traveling abroad

There are many reasons why a person travels to other countries, such as: to conduct business, to visit family and friends, for pleasure, for medical treatment and others. Traveling is also a way to protect yourself from any risk. If you have planned your trip to go abroad, you are obliged to fill in a location form. In Italy and in other countries of the European Union or not, a locator form is required before being able to access and circulate in the country. Passenger locator form for Italy can be filled out on this site. Filling out this locator form allows you to be safe and followed by the immigration authorities.

Some advantages of tourism

Tourism has many benefits for both the tourist and the country, the host place Firstly, it brings money to the country, apart from spending within the tourism sector, local businesses, restaurants, stores, promoters of visited places find their benefit. The tourism sector can bring new businesses to the country and create new job opportunities for the locals. 

In addition, the money spent in the country by the tourist can be used by the government to improve buildings, roads, transportation or other public facilities. Secondly, for the tourist, tourism allows him to discover other horizons, to know the way he can adapt to different climates and cultures. It also allows him to have new ideas in order to conceive new professional or personal projects, allowing him to reorganize himself, to build his future in the best way.