How to format your USB key

hen buying a new USB flash drive the first thing to do is format it before any kind of use. But sometimes it is difficult to do this formatting operation because of some malfunction caused by virus or crash caused by write protect. Find out in this article how to format a USB drive.

Use software to format your USB key

To format your USB drive, it is important to have a popular formatting program like EaseUS. This software plays several roles including formatting USB drives. There are several advantages that lie in formatting the keys with software like the EaseUS one. Clearly, this software allows you to format a key regardless of its storage capacity.
Indeed, to format a key with the EaseUS program, it is recommended to open the key. Then right click on the "Format Partition" function and it will present you with a partition label interface that you will choose from. Finally choose between FAT, FAT32, NTFS or ext2 / ext3. But if your partition exceeds 4G the only options are: FAT32, NTFS and ext2 / ext3. Click here to more informations.

The other possibilities offered by EaseUS

This software has many more functionality than that of formatting a key. It allows you to partition the various storage media. It has the ability to merge partitions and separate them as well. With this software you have the chance to convert the primary partition into a logical partition, all for free. Likewise for FAT partitions in NTFS.
The pro version of this software also gives advantages in terms of increasing the volume of a disk. For those who want to use the pro version of this software, it is advisable to take this free software for training.