DDDOS attack: what exactly do we need to know about it ?

Most of the websites experience computer attacks at one time or another. These attacks create enough damage in the functioning of the site. For companies or individuals therefore having unprotected web page, it is important to know the possible risks that the data on the site are running. Let's find out in this article what are the computer attacks that cause these rather unpleasant situations.

What characterizes a DDOS attack?

It is no secret that an unsecured website is accessible to cyber attacks. However, the majority don't really master what it is all about. So the big question is this: WHAT IS A DDOS ATTACK? It is actually a distributed denial-of-service computer attack. It aims to block or cause a service malfunction to users. Indeed, this fact is explained by a saturation of the bandwidth generated by the attacks. The website that experiences a DDOS attack is a site that is down. The interruption of several functionalities of the web page is manifested on several levels. The first observation is that of the slowness of the loading of the page at the time of research. Thus, gradually, the Internet user who makes a search for products is confronted with a web page that takes enough time to display the results. In the worst case, the network no longer displays any content and makes the connection inaccessible. This is a blocking factor to the site's activities, as customers can no longer read, view, post or purchase items. This is really the cause of the financial downfall of some online businesses.

What are the consequences of a DDOS attack?

An unprotected server is often accessible to cyber attacks. Now, this is a fact that can easily cause a crisis by making a company's website unavailable, for example. The infect is the financial blockages, the questioning of the notoriety of the company reached by a potential disclosure of the personal data. As a result, it is possible to witness cases of fraud, extortion, identity theft. These are some of the consequences that websites are confronted with when they are attacked. It is therefore reasonable to protect data and network traffic by adopting protection against DDOS attacks.