Callbot: what you need to know

The callbot is a new technology that has emerged in recent years. Compared to humans, it has proven to be very effective, especially for businesses. It is actually a computer-based robot with the ability to understand and interpret what an individual says. Find out in this short essay some crucial information regarding the callbot.

What is a callbot?

The callbot is simply a computer robot intended to reliably answer customer questions via a phone. To learn more about this, you can visit here. The chatbot is software designed for calls, not written conversations. In addition, the callbot is also different from the voicebot, which only uses the channels already available in smartphones. Even if the technology is not perfect, the results it provides are still acceptable. After analyzing a query, the artificial intelligence callbot designs a fully tailored response. To design a tool like callbot, you will absolutely need a reporting and monitoring tool as well as a workflow engine. With the latter, you can launch actions in your company's information system with ease.

The origin of the callbot's importance

Almost a 1/4 of calls are made through a classic IVR. Moreover, the latter is already showing its weaknesses and limits in the face of the complexity of the demand and needs of customers. Customers want quick, accurate and thoughtful answers at any time without having to wait for customer service first. Agents are sometimes tempted to respond to customer requests. However, they don't always listen carefully and actively to requests, which does not promote a good customer experience. It is important to remember that price control has become important, therefore, it has become crucial to automate simple customer requests. Likewise, for complex calls and requests, you won't have to worry about it. A team of consultants will handle them with tact and dexterity. The callbot design technology makes many things possible. Indeed, with a callbot, the processing time is relatively shorter than with an agent. This is made possible by the conciseness of the speech, which contributes to the best customer experience.

The definition of a callbot - Making your callbot project successful

The very point of the callbot is to handle simple and numerous requests over the phone. Its usefulness goes even further, as it can be programmed to handle more complex questions. In other words, the advisor and the callbot can work together to satisfy multiple requests. This is a cost-effective technological revolution, as it allows you to take calls without being there yourself.

Some limitations of the callbot

Despite the many advantages of the callbot, it still does not seem to be able to replace the human. Several theories prove this. Indeed, it can only answer simple and automatable answers. As for the rest, the callbot remains limited on some important points. Moreover, it is not advisable to trust callbots completely because they are not able to manage the relational and the conviviality of a conversation. After all, it's just a robot. Also, don't forget that callbot responses can be wrong, sometimes because the request was made incorrectly or misunderstood by the software. The callbot is a tool that is being adopted, more and more, by companies.