Best categories of fashion bracelets

Fashion accessories (for the wrist) have continued to emerge and evolve with the changing times. Indeed, just like other ornaments, bracelets have become a popular form of jewelry for the modern woman. They have made their way into women's jewelry collections. Discover in this article, 3 different categories of bracelets that we had to propose for you. 


Gold or silver bracelets

Chic and contemporary, gold or silver bracelets are very ideal for everyday use and have a traditional touch. Made with a stunning design, they add charm and elegance to any outfit. You can pair them with a watch to give you a fine look and unique style. If you want to know more about them, pop over here. Available in hundreds of designs and patterns, these bracelets are suitable for all age groups. 

They are woven jewelry made of several fine fringed chains of solid gold silver and gray silk threads. The gold or silver bracelets are very easy to wear on a daily basis and fit all types of wrists thanks to their sliding knot closure. To keep your jewelry in good condition, clean it regularly with a special cloth and protect it from heat, water and hydro-alcohol gel. 


Silver bracelets

 You wish to have a smooth silver? It's possible with Silver bracelets.  Made to slip on to your wrist at lightning speed, Silver bracelets are a great option to keep up with your daily life. They will drive you crazy with their delicacy and shine. Well engraved and soldered, these jewels guarantee you an exceptional quality. 

You have no risk of losing your little pendants. The different chains that make up these bracelets give all the charm to these jewelry. Faceted pearls, fine chains, chips, a smooth pastille, all in 925 silver. Ultra resistant, the Silver bracelets can accompany you during the adventures of your life.


Ruthenium bracelets

True timeless jewelry for women, Ruthenium Bracelets are pure eternal pieces. Designed with square-cut gray crystals arranged in a flowing row, this category of bracelets features a concealed clasp and a ruthenium-plated setting. You can wear them with matching necklaces for a sophisticated day-to-night combination. 

These bracelets are part of the Millenia family and were designed by creative director Marie Laure Chamorel. The ruthenium bracelets are usually made of several fine fringed chains in solid pink gold silver and nude silk threads. They are very easy to wear every day. For their maintenance, clean them regularly and avoid contact with water, heat and skin perfumes.